VIMS Discovery Lab: Rays – January 2014

 Rays—disc-shaped cousins of sharks and skates—are common inhabitants of Chesapeake Bay. Join Bob Fisher, a fisheries and seafood technology specialist at VIMS, as he describes the importance of rays in the Bay ecosystem and explores whether a ray fishery might help reduce their reported consumption of farmed shellfish. The lab will offer a ray tasting, a look at the distribution of rays around the world, information about the dangers of ray “stingers,” and activities to distinguish rays from skates. The lab will focus on the Cownose Ray. There is no cost for the Discovery Labs and there also is no age requirement.  Children must come with a supervising adult, though.


Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)

January 21, 2014  6pm-8pm

7577 Spencer Road, Gloucester Point, VA ‎



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