York River State Park’s Ranger John Gresham is making some cool videos to watch…here are the first three!

Park Ranger John Gresham offering cool facts about the Blue Crab

If you have ever visited York River State Park or attended our Williamsburg Annual Summer Camp Fair in Williamsburg you have probably met Park Ranger John Gresham. He is the ultimate supporter of getting outside and exploring nature and while we are all stuck at home he is bringing the York River to us. These videos are short but very informative and will give you some topics for conversation in the house. Remember, you can still visit York River State Park – it is open – just not the offices – and remember to social distance.

Here are the three videos:

Blue Crab

Facts about a favorite crustacean

Did you know that the male has a Washington Monument shape on its chest and the female has a Jefferson Monument on hers? Or that their name translates to Beautiful…wait just watch the video!

Blue Crab

How Salty is the York River

A demonstration of water salinity according to location along the York River

How Salty is the York River

What are Killifish?

Ranger John reveals 3 different killifish and why they are called Killifish!

Banded, Stripped and Mummichog – all three are Killifish! I like the last name…Mummichog!!

Blue Crab

Keep coming back and we will share their latest videos!

York River State Park
9801 York River Park Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188
(757) 566-3036


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