Fall Foliage in Williamsburg, Virginia – when is the best time to visit?


Fall Foliage in Virginia – when is best time to see the leaves change in Williamsburg?

When is the best time to see the leaves change color in the Fall in Virginia? When are the fall leaves the best in Williamsburg? All good questions but the answer depends on several factors. To pick the perfect weekend to see the leaves in their most vibrant state is tricky, but really most weekends from mid to late October you will see beautiful fall colors in our forests.

However, as with all things, technology has jumped in to make it a little easier for you to navigate fall foliage in Virginia and across the United States.

Here is the the SmokyMountains.com Fall Foliage Prediction Map which takes weather forecasts, thousands of scientific factors and data points to create a really cool interactive foliage map. This map puts it near Oct 31 and the Farmers Almanac points to similar a date range for Coastal Virginia of Oct. 19-Nov. 4 as the best time to see the leaves changing color in the Williamsburg area.

So if you are considering wandering through Colonial Williamsburg, York River State Park, Chippokes Plantation State Park or maybe doing the Skyline Drive…you have this window of opportunity and a Foliage Map to guide you!


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