Hamilton Fans Itinerary at Colonial Williamsburg – Follow the story…


HAMILTON Fans Itinerary at Colonial Williamsburg

Have you streamed Hamilton on Disney+ and/or did you see the show live? Fans of Hamilton the Musical and Hamilton the man can now follow the story of the birth of the young, scrappy, and hungry country with Colonial Williamsburg’s Hamilton Fans Itinerary!

Of course, Alexander Hamilton was no stranger to the Commonwealth. Follow Alexander Hamilton’s narrative and immerse yourself in the Revolutionary discourse that inspired the songs you know and love. Don’t throw away your “shot” to travel to a place and time where the country is young, scrappy, and hungry.

And if you are a local resident don’t forget that your paid annual Good Neighbor Pass ($19.99 for adults and $9.99 for kids 6 – 12) gives you unlimited free admission to Colonial Williamsburg. If you are a visitor to the area – this year Colonial Williamsburg is offering Summer Tickets for only $19.99!

Here is the Hamilton Fan Itinerary!


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