How to Opt-Out of In-Person Learning for Middle & High School in WJCC – Deadline is Feb. 5th

Opt-Out of In-Person Learning for Third 9-weeks

All middle and high school students who are NOT enrolled in the Virtual Academy are scheduled to return to in-person learning in February and March beginning with a hybrid schedule (2 days onsite and 3 days remote learning).

The timeline appears below and is also outlined on division website at Return to Learn: Forward WJCC Schools

If you are not ready to send your children back to school and your children are on the Blended path you can choose to have your children learn remotely for the third 9-weeks. The WJCC School Division has created an opportunity for middle and high school students to be part of their existing classes while remaining at home.

If you do NOT want your child to return to in-person learning, you must complete this form by Feb. 5, 2021.

Opt Out Form

Please note: you are NOT enrolling in WJCC Schools Virtual Academy. Your children will follow their existing schedules with their current teachers. The completion and submission of this form will let your student’s school know that he/she will remain learning off campus, in a remote setting through April 2, 2021. Families must complete one form for every student who will not participate in on-site, in-person learning.

If your children continue to learn remotely, they will be required to log into class through ZOOM every day according to the current class schedule. Students are expected to attend class live, with cameras on, and attendance will be taken each day. Families will receive automatic attendance phone calls if students are absent from assigned classes.

Timeline for Middle and High School Hybrid Learning

February 22: Grades 6, and 12

March 1: Grades 7, 9, and 11

March 8: Grades 8 and 10

More information visit WJCC Schools


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