SeaWorld Orlando is a Certified Autism Center – joining Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove – learn more…

SeaWorld Orlando Joins Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove as first family of Orlando parks to be Certified Autism Centers!

On World Autism Awareness Day, SeaWorld Orlando announced that it has been designated as a certified autism center by The International Board of Credentialing and Counting Education Standards (IBCCES).

SeaWorld Orlando joins Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove to become the first family of parks, in the world’s leading theme park destination, to be certified.

As Certified Austism Centers, the parks are required to provide ongoing training to ensure that team members have the requisite knowledge, skills, temperament and expertise to interact with families and children with special needs, specifically on the autism spectrum.

Training takes place in the areas of sensory awareness, environment, communication, motor and social skills, program development, and emotional awareness as well as a comprehensive autism competency exam.

In addition, robust pre-visit planning resources have been added to SeaWorld Orlando’s website including a park specific sensory guide developed by IBCCES.

This sensory guide makes it easier for parents to plan activities that satisfy their child’s specific needs and accommodations, by providing insight on how a child with sensory processing issues may be affected by each sense for each attraction, including highlighting ares that are more soothing.

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