Drive-Thru Safari Park is Open and a Fun Day Trip!

Drive-Thru Virginia Safari Park

Virginia Safari Park

Looking for a fun day or weekend trip for the family? Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA is a drive-through safari with free-roaming animals. In fact the 180-acre park is home to over 1,000 exotic animals from 6 continents including elk, gazelle, zebra & other exotic fauna. The park is approximately 200 miles from Williamsburg.


You drive through the park observing the animals and you can purchase specialty grain to feed them. We took our family recently and had a wonderful time.

I highly recommend the trip and purchasing the buckets of food. The animals will approach your vehicle in search of a tasty treat! You will laugh, squeal, and perhaps find food bits in your car for weeks.

I don’t recommend feeding animals through the sunroof unless you want it to “rain” feed all in your vehicle…

Safari Park
Ostrich…from our view he looked about 8′ tall
Virginia Safari Park

Not one but two elk peeking through the windows.

Safari Park Walk thru

There is also a walk-thru area with giraffe feeding, petting area and even African penguins!

Safari Park Bison

The great thing about the park is everyone enjoys it from the young to the old. Some are braver than others, so if you choose to just ride through the park or hold your bucket of feed for the animals to come up to the vehicle, you’re guaranteed a day of memories!

Virginia Safari Park
229 Safari Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578
(540) 291-3205


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