Adam’s Garden is a sweet little garden in the heart of Williamsburg

Adams Garden at William & Mary

Adams Garden, framed by a white picket fence, is a sweet little garden located at the corner of Richmond Road and N. Boundary Street across the street from Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchant Square shops (Talbots and Williamsburg at Home).

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty around you, relax on one of the many wooden benches and enjoy the sanctuary of the garden.

Adams Garden

The garden was dedicated in memory of Gregory S. Adams on November 16, 1986. Adams was a member of The College of William & Mary class of 1981.

Some have chosen the garden to be their final resting place, as you stroll through the garden see if you can spot plaques for those that chose for their ashes to be spread there.

Adams Garden

We always find frogs in this little pond. It is lovely…and tiny!

If you want to know more about the plants check out this article written by the gardener, Dawn Alleman.


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