Broadway Dance Arts Summer Camps


Broadway Dance Arts offer 7 different summer camp programs for ages 2-5 years. Morning camp is 9:00-12:00 and afternoon camp is 12:30-3:30. Early drop off and late pick up available.

The same concept that runs true to the KéKAY Method will be the focus as we explore the worlds of our summer camp themes.


1. JULY 10 – JULY 14:  KITTY CATS & HULA HOOPS – If your passion is kitty cats and if you LOVE to hula hoop, this camp is for YOU! Bring your stuffed animals, dress up like a cat and be ready for some kitty cat fun. We will crawl, sneak, and shake our tail fur as we make our morning through kitty cat art and spiny hula hoop activities. You may even get your very own set of whiskers painted on your face. Be sure to practice your best meee-ow and kitty growls before you join this camp with your best prowl.

2. JULY 17 – JULY 21: STELLAR SPACESHIP SPEED – Close your eyes and imagine a world far, far away beyond the moon and stars. That’s where we will go when you join this camp that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Spaceship superspeed and planets galore, you will NOT believe the things we will explore. From glitter moondust to star sparkles and from space suits to floating stories, this camp will have you dreaming about flying each and everyday and moonlit night.

3. JULY 24 – JULY 28: DINOSAURS BY THE DOZEN – Oh, your biggest roar is what we will explore when you come to join the DINOSAUR camp. Big teeth and scaly backs, green eyes, and huge stompy feet. Crawling through ancient mountains and long-ago dusty plains, be sure not to be scared if a Dino complains. Bring your Dino toys to share in this dinosaur camp – but only if you dare!

4. JULY 31 – AUGUST 4: CASTLES DRAGONS KINGS & QUEENS – Do you dream of wearing a crown? Do you love to fight fire-breathing dragons whether they be green or brown? The scary dragons at this camp might lay down at your feet because they like to sing and are super-duper sweet. We will make swords and we will make crowns, but we will not slow down. We will make golden sparkly jewelry too and even bring some special glue. Stories we will tell. We might even create a magic spell. Beware of fire-breathing dragons when you join this group with golden flagons!

5. AUGUST 7-AUGUST 11: SUPERHEROES STICK TOGETHER – If you are strong and if you are brave, this camp will be for YOU! Whether you have a cape, a mask, or a thunderbolt on your chest, we will jump and fly to show our superheroes are the best! Bring your outfit, bring your fist and we will save the city with magic hero mist. This camp will test all your skills, so be brave, be strong and let’s show the city that superheroes belong!

6. AUGUST 14- AUGUST 18: BUSY TOWN – Trains, planes, and large trucks too. If you love things with wheels then we do too. We can’t wait to build a city with things that move and lift all day long ’cause that’s what makes a person really strong. Shops and buildings and airports too, this busy town simply must have a zoo. We’ll create it all from scratch as we put puzzle pieces together by the batch. This camp will make you zoom and vroom from morning ’till noon.

7. AUGUST 21- AUGUST 25: OCEAN & BEACH BIKINI FUN – Join us this last week for fun, water sports, beach play, the wonder of marine life and biology. We will be studying the ocean animals. Bring a towel each day and have a swimsuit under clothes for fun filled days learning how water works, moves and pours will be a goal. With some outside time, plan on getting wet on our splashing pad. This is a great way to end our summer.

Small Moves for Newborns, Babies, and Toddlers

A move and learn program for Newborns, Babies, and toddlers. Ages 0-2! Fun program to enhance and promote development at all ages.

Why Broadway Dance Arts?

  • All boys receive a 50% Males in Dance Incentive Scholarship. Classes start at $22.50 per month.
  • Males in Theatre scholarships available by appointment for our Broadway Youth Theatre Project from 50% – 100% by audition merit.
  • Named the Studio of Excellence at the KAR Competition 2019
  • Named Best Studio at the Access Broadway competition 2019
  • First studio to bring competition dance to Williamsburg.
  • Full service studio offering recreational and competitive dance and theatre and adult classes


223 Bulifants Blvd. – Ste. B, Williamsburg, VA. 23188, (757)259-2253


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